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December 31 – Core Story What central story is at the core of you, and how do you share it with the world? (Bonus: Consider your reflections from this month. Look through them to discover a thread you may not have noticed until today.) (Author: Molly O’Neill)

This may turn out to be short story. Certainly the longest post yet, for sure. Let's get to it.

The story that resides at the core of Mr. Jackson has to be the one that includes me, a girl, and a game I like to call basketball. This is not so much a story, but a series of events that caused me to lose the only two things I loved in the same year, sliding into a mild depression, and how I finally got out to the other side. 
I guess it all started when I agreed to play basketball for a somewhat crooked coach, while at the same time I was dating a girl that I eventually fell in love with (you can see where this is going). Long story short, fast forward 7 or 8 months later, the coach ended up screwing us out of a scholarship/money and my girlfriend screwed another guy. Not long after that, a good female friend of mine got a boyfriend and we eventually stopped talking. Then, I tried to bounce back from the basketball fiasco and play somewhere else, but the experience led me to believe that I was supposed to be doing something else with my life. Honestly, before 2008, I can't remember me being excited about anything other than basketball until I discovered the area of finance, which I'm pursuing in school right now. I sank into a state of depression shortly after this, never really happy or with any sense of hope for the future. Meanwhile, I had to go back home and go to school there, (I was in Florida before that) which only made matters worse. The way I came out on the other side, was prayer, friends, and finding other things I was interested in; things I could get excited about. Looking back, I feel like I didn't start living until I came out on the other side of that depression, because before that, I can barely remember details of life outside of the sport that once ruled my life. So to recap, the game is gone, the girl is gone, lost a friend, depression, got out, ok. And now, a couple years later, here we are. A new (still single) man with plenty of interests and a lot going for him and a bright future so I there's no way I can be mad or hold any resentment for the people that wronged me in the past, because everything happens for good reason and I'm beginning to realize what those reasons are. 

Well, that's about it, I believe that story has been brewing inside of me for the longest time and it feels amazing to finally get it out. Like really, you have no idea how good this feels; feels like a new beginning for me. 

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