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What is Blossoming?

Blossoming to me isn't merely the act of growing and expanding, but the realization of knowing that you are changing for the better. Internally, of course, because your outward appearance has nothing to do with blossoming for me, personally. That's called puberty. Blossoming is a culmination of the knowledge you gain, people you meet, etc., along the way and what you decide to do with those things. If you decide to utilize them to the fullest, positive things will start to happen around you. But when you really start to realize what's happening, something inside you starts to change and before (or after) it snowballs into bigger and better things, you grasp what's going on and say to yourself, "Ok, I'm going through some stuff." This "stuff" is the catalyst for your future and when you realize that, congratulations, you're blossoming.


What I've been up to

Its been a while since I've written, mainly due to my crazy schedule I've been trying to tame over the past few weeks. Between school, the ridiculous amounts of research for the magazine, and the hours I put into the job, there's barely time to spend watching tv. In addition to that, I've been more involved on campus than I ever was in the past. This includes videotaping events inside the business school, attending various meetings, and coming up I will be doing a welcome speech for a group of people in a panel discussion which takes a certain amount of preparation. When I see people I haven't seen in a while, I always make it a point to mention a few of these things so they don't think I've been sitting around the house doing nothing. I'm probably more busy than the average person that I grew up with or went to high school with, so I make sure to let them know this within the first minute or so of seeing them. I don't think of it as being higher than or conceited or anything like that, I just know that people talk, and since they do talk, I'd rather them speak highly of me than anything else. On the outside, it seems pretty superficial (and maybe it is), but in all actuality, it's my life, and how far I get in it depends on the amount of quality connections I can make. And God, of course.



I'm sitting here right now, waiting on my interviewer to finish up with the current interviewee so I can get in there. I am interviewing for a spot to go to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund conference in New York, NY this October. If I get it, it will be my first time in New York, and I think it will be a great experience...if I get it. Right now, I'm pretty calm, although I am pounding away at this keyboard like my life depended on it.  I love to write, this is why I'm doing this now. Also, I wanted to pull my Mac out and kind of stand out from the crowd, while hopefully displaying my nonchalantness at the same time. My nerves are going at full speed right now as the time for me to step into the limelight inches closer. Being the very last student to interview for this spot, maybe I'll stand out a little bit more. I'm hyped up on coffee and I am ready to go. Try and stop me.



I'm sitting here watching Titanic for the first time, and it has me thinking about mortality, but mainly what it must be like to know that death is imminent; to know that you only have a short time left here on this earth. life is all about relationships you go through, and there is probably a direct correlation between the quality of your life and the quality of your relationships. As those relationships come and go, pieces of you die away and are reborn oftentimes stronger than before.

So to switch gears a little bit, I would like to give my thought on love. Sure, I've been in love before, and I think being in love is one of the greatest things a person can experience during their lifetime. Everyone wants to find that one person to fall in love with and have a happily ever after, but is that the way it always happens? Or do you simply find a person that you like that you can tolerate for more than 20 minute at a time? I'm only saying this because my friend and I were having this conversation a couple months ago. I completely disagree with his point of view, and I do think everyone was meant to fall in love with that one person, its just the way you handle that relationship, and the choices you make that will determine how it works out for you. I don't believe in settling in any aspect of life, especially when it deals with relationships.


It is quite funny

It's pretty funny that all of last year, I couldn't land a job to save my life, and now only a month into the year, I have a job, internship (both downtown if I haven't mentioned it before) another potential job, and a potential internship. Anyway, the next post will probably be something from one of my favorite writing websites.


Reverb '11

The creativity that comes from the minds of the Reverb crew is truly extraordinary. I am very excited to
start reverb11 prompts and hopefully they will keep me writing everyday. That said, here's the first one:

One month into 2011, what question(s) are you living? Are there any prompts/questions that arose during #reverb10 that are still resonating in your life? Are you living new questions?

2010 was a year filled with many more questions than any one man could ever answer. But as I settle in to this new year, most of those questions have been answered, and a new set of questions arose. But these type of questions are the ones that I prefer more than the previous ones. These questions are more exceptional in nature; for example, Will I have time for another internship, on top of my job and internship I already have? Only a month ago, I didn't have an internship or a job, and now I have been offered ones that I can't even fit into my schedule. Life is filled with questions of all sizes and the answers you find to these questions will provide the frame for your life. I've always followed my curiosity, and this has both answered questions, and created new ones. Just as long as the questions get more advanced and I keep learning along the way, I'm satisfied. 


Busy, busy, busy

Never in my 22 years on this earth have I been so busy. And it's every single day of the week, full schedule, all out stuff. My agenda is pretty much full every day. Between work, internship research and interviews, and being a full time college student, I barely have time for myself. But...I've always told myself that I would love to work downtown and both my new job and the internship are in the middle of downtown, which I absolutely love. I'd rather be really busy than really bored because I'm continuing to move forward, so until tomorrow, laters.