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Its been a while since I've written, mainly due to my crazy schedule I've been trying to tame over the past few weeks. Between school, the ridiculous amounts of research for the magazine, and the hours I put into the job, there's barely time to spend watching tv. In addition to that, I've been more involved on campus than I ever was in the past. This includes videotaping events inside the business school, attending various meetings, and coming up I will be doing a welcome speech for a group of people in a panel discussion which takes a certain amount of preparation. When I see people I haven't seen in a while, I always make it a point to mention a few of these things so they don't think I've been sitting around the house doing nothing. I'm probably more busy than the average person that I grew up with or went to high school with, so I make sure to let them know this within the first minute or so of seeing them. I don't think of it as being higher than or conceited or anything like that, I just know that people talk, and since they do talk, I'd rather them speak highly of me than anything else. On the outside, it seems pretty superficial (and maybe it is), but in all actuality, it's my life, and how far I get in it depends on the amount of quality connections I can make. And God, of course.

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