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What is Blossoming?

Blossoming to me isn't merely the act of growing and expanding, but the realization of knowing that you are changing for the better. Internally, of course, because your outward appearance has nothing to do with blossoming for me, personally. That's called puberty. Blossoming is a culmination of the knowledge you gain, people you meet, etc., along the way and what you decide to do with those things. If you decide to utilize them to the fullest, positive things will start to happen around you. But when you really start to realize what's happening, something inside you starts to change and before (or after) it snowballs into bigger and better things, you grasp what's going on and say to yourself, "Ok, I'm going through some stuff." This "stuff" is the catalyst for your future and when you realize that, congratulations, you're blossoming.

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