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I'm sitting here right now, waiting on my interviewer to finish up with the current interviewee so I can get in there. I am interviewing for a spot to go to the Thurgood Marshall College Fund conference in New York, NY this October. If I get it, it will be my first time in New York, and I think it will be a great experience...if I get it. Right now, I'm pretty calm, although I am pounding away at this keyboard like my life depended on it.  I love to write, this is why I'm doing this now. Also, I wanted to pull my Mac out and kind of stand out from the crowd, while hopefully displaying my nonchalantness at the same time. My nerves are going at full speed right now as the time for me to step into the limelight inches closer. Being the very last student to interview for this spot, maybe I'll stand out a little bit more. I'm hyped up on coffee and I am ready to go. Try and stop me.

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