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I'm sitting here watching Titanic for the first time, and it has me thinking about mortality, but mainly what it must be like to know that death is imminent; to know that you only have a short time left here on this earth. life is all about relationships you go through, and there is probably a direct correlation between the quality of your life and the quality of your relationships. As those relationships come and go, pieces of you die away and are reborn oftentimes stronger than before.

So to switch gears a little bit, I would like to give my thought on love. Sure, I've been in love before, and I think being in love is one of the greatest things a person can experience during their lifetime. Everyone wants to find that one person to fall in love with and have a happily ever after, but is that the way it always happens? Or do you simply find a person that you like that you can tolerate for more than 20 minute at a time? I'm only saying this because my friend and I were having this conversation a couple months ago. I completely disagree with his point of view, and I do think everyone was meant to fall in love with that one person, its just the way you handle that relationship, and the choices you make that will determine how it works out for you. I don't believe in settling in any aspect of life, especially when it deals with relationships.

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