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I'm currently doing an internship with a local magazine, which I had never heard of before starting there. And even though it's an unpaid internship, I could not be more happy with the experience. First of all, it's downtown; which has to be my favorite area in the city. There's just so much life downtown, unlike the rest of the city. Then, the first day I walked in, I was greeted by two of the nicest people I have ever come in contact with, probably because they're getting free help, but nonetheless, it was awesome. Just a few days ago, the editor invited me to their planning meeting along with the assistant editor, lead photographer, and design artist (who also plays in a local band!) This was my first experience in a "real" meeting  where people are bouncing ideas off of each other that will eventually come to fruition somehow in the future. It was held at a local coffee shop called Brew Nerds which has a great concept of "nerdiness". There, along with my mocha, I observed some truly artistic minds working together to generate ideas for upcoming issues of the magazine. I kept pretty quiet through the whole thing, but talking isn't really what I do best but it is something I am working on doing more of. I was given a few assignments to work on; three writing assignments, and a couple of research type things that interns do. Overall, I really love working there and being around those kind of positive, forward thinking people. Not only does it make my writing better it also helps me be my best and come with the best ideas I can think of, now that I know that someone genuinely wants my input.

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